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On muscles on muscles

January 7, 2011

2010 was the year of the future.  At least the way that I called it.  3D practically became common place in movies and became available for home theaters and even in camcorders.  A molecular robot was made from DNA.  A jet pack is commercially available.  We no longer need controllers to play video games.  People can watch TV or video chat with people on pocket devices and we’ve opened the door to more with tablet computers (even if they’re currently named mostly after female hygiene products and obscure/classic soda brands).  And private space flight is good to go.

There was more, but it’s all so overwhelming that I can’t think of everything.

But now it’s 2011… so what comes after the future.  Well, apparently it’s cartoons.  We have now gone beyond science fiction and straight into fantasy.  And I’m basing this all on an advertising image I ran across online.

Take a good look at this gentleman posing… what do you see?  If you said “a guy that hasn’t quite let go of Vin Diesel beating him in that talent competition over a decade ago,” well, chances are you’re right.  But more importantly, I see a small muscle on top of another freakin’ muscle!  You know where else I’ve see that…

Bugs Bunny.

In a 1948 Merrie Melodies cartoon entitled “Rabbit Punch,” the character of Bugs Bunny gets thrown (literally) into a fight with “The Champ”.

This is The Champ.

And I should add that this cartoon is awesome.  For whatever reason, it was on a Merry Melodies VHS my family had in when I was growing up and every sick day home from elementry school included watching it at least once (since Price is Right was only on once in the morning and the internet barely even existed yet).

You can watch a (most likely highly illegal) copy of the original cartoon here:

My how far we have come.


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  1. Darin Mickel permalink

    thank you for sharing with us, I think this website genuinely stands out : D.

  2. Joana Rollinson permalink

    #trans thank you very much for sharing

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