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Ice Bucket Challenge v2.0

August 26, 2014

It’s gone viral, is wildly successful, and driving a wave of fundraising.  Here’s the top three things that need to happen with this Ice Bucket Challenge to take it to the next level:

1) Say your giving, challenge others to give, and, only then, douse yourself.  I think I’ve seen a shift in the trend and more and more videos openly talk about their giving or demonstrate it (Charlie Sheen being the, surprisingly, best example).  But initially this was a “give OR douse yourself” schtick, and we should make sure we’re shifting that to an “AND”.

2) Someplace needs to set up a location to do this, buckets and ice water ready, for passers by.  A mobile IBC site.  What venue has an ice machine and a patio?  Who could do on the fly video recording, uploading, and let participants post it to their social media properly?  A bar/restaurant in Uptown?  At the state fair?  Capitalism has failed if someplace isn’t setting up a centralized, multi-person bucketing.  It was 90°+ last weekend in the Twin Cities, a dozen places should have been doing this.

3) Diversify where the funding goes.  Give to the ALS Association, give to the ALS Association and another ALS cause, give to some other organization all together.  ALS is terrible and deserves attention, and this viral campaign should be congratulated for it’s success.  With everyone talking about ALS and the ALS Association openly admitting they are at a point of having more money coming in than they know what to do with, we’re near or at that point.  At this point, we may simply be piling money into a bank account to be spent on something ALS related on an undetermined date.  That’s not bad, but it’s not that great either.  Maybe this is an opportunity to ride this viral marketing wave through it’s completion and diversify and spread the positive impact.  Charitable contributions have some elasticity, but are often argued as a finite bucket of funds.  If dumping ice water on yourself is driving a wave of donations, possibly some extra funds that wouldn’t get donated otherwise, awesome.  Give to ALS, give to something similar, or give to something else you’re passionate about.  Or what’s the next challenge?  Suck a lemon?  Twerk for 30 seconds (are people still twerking?)?  Let’s expand the win more broadly.


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