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Top Five Reasons to Donate on Give to the Max Day

November 14, 2013

GTMD13 Logo_squareGiveMN, Give to the Max Day, #GtMD13, or whatever you want to call it.  It’s a relatively new institution in MN to drive online giving before we all get wrapped up in the holiday season.  Yet even with the rally and push behind the day (by last count, I’ve received around two dozen emails from various organizations, and it’s barely noon), as with any non-profit cause, it’s easy to feel like your donation isn’t much, you’re not sure which organization to give to, or that it’s just easier to brush it off without much thought.

Regardless of of how much you give or which organization you give to though, here’s 5 quick reasons why you definitely should give.

  1. The multiplier effect… Today of all days, many non-profits have found matching donors, which means your $10 donation becomes $20, $25 becomes $50, $50 becomes… well, you get the idea.  And GiveMN does random $1,000 matches throughout the day, plus a couple $10,000 matches at the end of it all, which means, with a little luck, your $10 could become $20… and then $1,020 or more.
  2. You’re a leader… whether you like it or not.  When you act and support a cause/organization you think is making the world a better place, there’s a ripple effect.  Someone sees you, someone is impressed.
  3. Something of substance on social media… From GiveMN’s statistics, when you give and let others know, it’s on the order of another $18 donation.  It’s similar to dropping some cash in a collection box, spurring the person next to you to do the same.
  4. It’s relatively small… $10 isn’t much, but often has a pretty big impact.  If you need to, skip a couple coffees or pints or bag lunch it a few extra times or whatever small effort necessary.  Charities just want your support today, not your kidney.*
  5. But it’s impact is large… Your donation matters.  Money means nothing except for how we use it.  Kids educated, animals rescued, meals served, etc.  These orgs specialize in what they do and are able to stretch dollars amazingly far.  A couple clicks online and you’ve done something profound today.

These are specific to GtMD13, but feel free to apply variations of these rules to whenever the next time you feel an itch to spend your money on a cause, on helping others.

P.S.  Not sure where to start, here’s four orgs I’ve given to already.  Consider them vetted and worth your consideration.


*though, if you’re feeling generous, I know a guy


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