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5 Reasons To Still Be Overjoyed that MN Legalized Gay Marriage

May 15, 2013

Just so we’re on the same page here (and recognizing the limitations of the written word, especially in blog form), I wanted to clarify that the points made in my recent post, 5 Reasons To Not Be Overjoyed that MN Legalized Gay Marriage, have counter points.  Oh man do they have counter points.  But with all the unleashed fervor with the bill’s passage into law, I was at least trying to put into words what was keeping me from slathering on the rainbow body paint and streaking through downtown St Paul.

But thanks to my friends’ response on facebook (some responding with said fervor I was lacking), it’s worth pointing out the equally measured responses to the points I made and why these were really no reason to not be happy.

  1. It’s common sense, except…
    • A lot of things seem like common sense but not wholly embraced by the weird system we have constructed and labeled “civilization”.  If anything, the law’s passage is an indicator that things are going the right way, in my opinion.  It suggests the things I value have and are being broadly agreed upon and supported, and thus have reached a point where we need to codify them.  And this is arguably better than the inverse of having a law established to which society and values run counter.
  2. It needed to be “legalized”, except…
    • While the connotation of the word “legalize” is a bit peculiar these days, there’s a fundamental reason gay marriage needs to be; the government can’t do anything unless explicitly authorized to do so by it’s laws.  So even if it was just a matter of lack of foresight, a law needed to be passed for this.
  3. Potential, pending conservative backlash, except…
    • I like saving and preserving things, but in doing so, those things tend to lose their meaning.  Such with political capital.  Why work hard toward a message of equality if you’re not going to hunker down and seriously push for it as some point?  As my friend pointed out, this issue is relevant and now is as good a time as any to spend some of that capital.  And while the next election is a midterm, which tends to shift conservative in MN, a significant portion of the campaign by those in favor of the law was to show the nonpartisan nature of their base.  Which means that perhaps it’s cynical to think this new standard of acceptance isn’t embraced by conservatives.
  4. This law doesn’t mean anything, except…
    • This is the real world.  A friend of mine was readily able to point out that there are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections on the  basis of marital status in federal law (clearly there’s a reason we’re friends).  So once you get beyond the somewhat naive “the opinion of others doesn’t matter” position, then it readily becomes clear that it does mean a lot to the couples it empowers.
  5. Something about God, except…
    • This one was really just silly.  As a friend pointed out, a fair part of legalizing same sex marriage is “a victory for decency over theocracy”.  It’s really just nice to see segments of religion not being able to overcome the separation that’s intended between church and state.

Ultimately, to what I deem as silly for having taken this long, others are naturally just breathing a sigh of relief and celebrating.


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