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Vocab Lesson: Akimbo

January 16, 2013

About a month ago I read some random post online about words you probably don’t know but whose meaning is very common.  Like the little plastic bit on the end of shoe laces that makes them easy to get through holes and keeps them from fraying.  It was one of those by chance, “random walk on the internet” moments when you just take a few extra clicks through interesting links after being sent somewhere by what a friend shared on Facebook.

The first word on this list was “akimbo” and, after reading the definition, my brain instantly formulated a very specific image to associate with this work, which I found humorous, and I smirked.

A week after this, I was reading a book and twice the author used the word “akimbo.”  I was a bit surprised since I have no recollection of having ever heard the word before reading the aforementioned post.  “What a fortuitous coincidence” I thought to myself, and I again smirked (this time both at the mental image that popped up again and at the smug satisfaction of know what a relatively obscure word meant).

Fast forward another week, and a friend of mine just casually used the word during conversation.  Once is an instance, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern.  Clearly “akimbo” is making its play to be 2013’s word of the year or something.  Maybe some rapper used it recently;

Got her back to my place, such an easy bimbo.
Caught me textin’ ‘nother ho, stepped back, akimbo.
Naw baby, only you, under this stick, gets to limbo.

Who knows why it’s popping up.  Regardless, I thought I’d share my mental image and add a wrinkle to your brain.

a akimbo kimbo slice

You’re welcome.


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  1. Rue permalink

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this! Bookmarked.

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