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Romney and Ryan’s Top 10 Campaign Slogans

August 14, 2012
  1. So white, so right.
  2. Mitt Romney Paul Ryan… that ought to be good for a few more votes.
  3. Great taste, less filling.
  4. See? Corporations are people.
  5. We’re like a kickstarter for a live-action Wall Street remake.
  6. The Great White Hope
  7. I can’t believe this is part of the FOX News hiring process.
  8. We’ll prove to you that government is terrible by running it into the ground.
  9. We’re the center.  You’re the peon.  Together we make the “one percent”.*

*Anagram humor… yeah, I went there.

Update: From some feedback to my Reddit submission, I thought I’d try and capture some of the best responses over there.  I won’t be thorough but I’ll add what I can.

  • **Rmoney / rAyn 2012**  We have our priorities and you’re not included. (from Dan_K)
  •  R&R 2012 – If I don’t win it’s HIS FAULT (from DeCipherred)

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  1. celo permalink

    this was awsome!

  2. carol permalink

    nice this one is really cool!

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