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Potato v Fry

June 28, 2012

After writing the title above, I’m now disappointed this isn’t a blog post about a new Futurama episode in which Philip J Fry fights a giant, anthropomorphic tuber.  Sigh…

This post is, however, about a billboard currently up on one of my routes home.

I’m not sure why it’s at this intersection; it’s kind of a quaint little St Paul neighborhood without a McDonald’s for miles (which, for those who don’t live in a larger city, 1 city mile is equivalent to approximately forever).  Maybe it has to do with the 2 preschools, 3 elementary schools, 1 junior high, and 3 colleges within a 7 block radius (give or take).  But this isn’t the point of this post, so let’s move on.

What is the point?  Well, basically the concept of the french fry being the potato “perfected.”  Case in point:

For those keeping track, in order to “perfect” the potato, you need to add 38% of your recommended daily fat, 15% of your daily sodium, more than double the carbohydrates, and knock back the nutrients.  This is kind of depressing, especially since there has been stories floated that scurvy isn’t more prominent in the US only due to our love of french fries.  Still, this seems more like the typical role of the fast food industry ruining an otherwise perfectly good food.

OK, so some would readily yell back “Who’s going to eat a plain potato? It’s like licking bland dirt!”  Fine, valid.  But please, transforming it into a french fry is not perfecting it.  How about instead:

Grilled – Chop it up, wrap it in tin foil, throw in a tablespoon of butter, sprinkle with salt, add some garlic, pepper, maybe some chopped green onion while you’re at it.  This will add about a whole 100 calories, 11 g of fat, and 150 mg of sodium.  Plus you’ll get the health benefits from the onion, garlic, and pepper.

Baked – We have microwave technology, that means we can make a baked potato in 10 minutes flat.  Poke it, nuke it for 5 minutes, flip, repeat, done.  Slice it open, sprinkle with salt, pepper, a couple table spoons of sour cream, maybe some chives if you’re fancy like that.  This will add around 60 calories, 5 g of fat, 50 mg of sodium with the bonus calcium and protein from the sour cream.

In summary, McDonald’s still sucks.


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  1. Evandra permalink

    awesome post…thanks for posting

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