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January 5th Resolutions

January 5, 2012

You have New Year’s Resolutions… I have January 5th Resolutions.  That’s just the way it is.  Yours are more symbolic I suppose, but no less arbitrary.  Still, like an animal appearing to speak English or you hanging out with someone attractive, it’s not real if it’s not on the internet.  So, for the record, here’s how I’m going to be better in the coming year (give or take).

  1. Lithe up.  I’m going to do two races this year (the Get In Gear 5K race and another sprint tri, hopefully back to Lakefront Days), will give yoga a bit more attention (and try to laugh less at what the instructors say), and maybe try to find something to up my agility a bit more (there must be some sort of co-ed rec ninja league).  Since it would help to have some sort of metric to gauge my success, let’s say it’d be more convenient if I weighed 190 lbs for the first race and 180 for the second.  I’ve been trending north of these since Fall turned into Wint-eat-giant-meals-drink-and-lounge-about-er.  Alternatively, I will accept not reaching these weight targets assuming I finish these races in an adequately rapid manner (the 5K in 25 minutes, the sprint tri in 1.5 hrs)… OR extra-alternatively, if I ever look in the mirror and see that muscle that sort of V’s down at the waist line (see here or just watch the music video for “Untitled” by D’Angelo).  Seeing that muscle is like sticking a toothpick in a cupcake and it being clean when pulled out; you’re done.
  2. Use more adjectives as verbs.  First sentence of #1 above counts.  Hell, I just want to fuck with the english language more.  It was pretty much designed to be abused.  A friend just posted a link about double contractions the other day and I know for a fact that double negatives can be used correctly in not one but two ways.  I’m going to do things like tell someone they smell sparkly… and they will get what I mean… and say thank you.  I’ll also probably use the word “irregardless” ironically, possibly even the sentence “I’m going to do it regardless, nay, irregardless of the outcome” since if used in the right company, I’m pretty sure someone’s head will explode.
  3. Be worth more, owe less.  I’m pretty frugal, I should keep that up.  And this whole “home ownership” thing came with the an intimate introduction to Fannie Mae.  If at all possible, I’d like my debt to continuously tend down this year, inverse to the trend of my net worth.*
  4. Bike more.  In 2010 I replaced 170 drivings miles with biking.  In 2011 it was 397.  I’d like to exceed 500 this year.  And of course any additional biking for the joy of biking is just icing on the cake.
  5. Learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas 2011 was kind of lame… or rather I was lame.  I gave few gifts and was generally mediocre at generosity.  I recall in years past I’ve sent out cards with hand written messages or put significantly more effort into the act of giving, irregardless** of how inadequate an effort of showing you care it may be.  I also feel like there needed to be more warm drinks, and small crowds playing board/card games, and outdoor snow-shenanigans.  Admittedly, I think I’m loading this one with a general lack of satisfaction with winter (which is partially weather related and partially the fact there’s a fair bit of winter left).  Though I’m not one to care about convention, so I’ll be completely satisfied if I achieve this one at any time during the year.
  6. Level up at something new.  I’ve been meaning to become more functional at programming or web development, or learn more about electronics, or do something(s) artsy, or learn a new language (which learning more programming could technically count as).  It’s not like I’m lacking project ideas, so let this be added impetus to get one or more of those rolling.
  7. Leave the country… or at least the state.  But better if it’s the country.  And not for work.  I studied abroad on the other side of the world, I’ve been to each coast, and a few years back I even road tripped about 900 miles to see a band.  In contrast, I’m not sure I left Minnesota last year (aside from visiting family in Wisconsin).  Lame.
  8. Make my place cool.  I have a pile of art in the corner of my dining room, random papers and stuff everywhere, and the level of organization my kitchen displays is an insult to the fact I have, at one time or another, used graph paper to plot the layout of most of the rooms I had through college.  I need to clean up, organize, and spice the place up.  Maybe setup my keyboard somewhere (since my renter probably would prefer that over my drumset) or get a DVD player so the TV is more than just a conversation piece.
  9. Hmm, though I could make it to ten.  Um, I don’t know, what else; start a side business, meet the girl of my dreams, write more, maybe get a hair cut before someone suggests it.  Just as long as I’m more awesome heading into 2013.


* If I’m honest, while it would seem to be the focus of this resolution, I’d just as soon expand how my “net worth” is valued beyond the financial.
**Boom, count it.


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