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Rutter Bolo McFlizzard

August 8, 2011

This is a story. A story about two individuals. Two individuals coming together to make something greater than what they were apart. In this case, the individuals are fast food blended ice cream treats.

The inception of this little bit of awesome was, as it often tends to be, a simple conversation with my friends. On the morning of this fateful day, my friend Dan and I had successfully completed a sprint triathlon (his first, my second). During the ride back home we mentioned stopping for a break. From an earlier discussion, there was understandable interest in a recent addition to the McDonald’s menu; the Rolo McFlurry. On top of that, a commercial from the night before had enlightened us to the Nutter Butter Blizzard from Dairy Queen. In hindsight, what followed was probably pure destiny.*

The Rolo McFlurry is a simple creature, an obvious evolution of the McFlurry subspecies. People like soft serve. People like chocolate, and caramel, especially together, and even more when it’s as a Rolo. It’s probably because people like saying “Rolo”… or it’s because of some highly addictive chemical added during a secret step in the chocolate cylindrical encasement of caramel process.

It’s delicious.

The Nutter Butter Blizzard is a bit more complex. Blizzards are marketed as the original and high class candy blended into ice cream treat. It commands a premium price per ounce (DQ’s inflation rate seems higher than other restaurants in general), which is arguably only worth it when some food-mixologist comes up with a combo like this.

Also delicious.

So the conversation naturally progressed from “Let’s get Rolo McFlurries” to “Hey what about that Nutter Butter Blizzard” and ended up at “What if we put them together?” Thus the Rutter Bolo McFlizzard was conceived. At some point I uttered “I don’t want my Rolos interacting with my Nutter Butters” which made it easier since HB, Dan’s gal and owner of a vehicle that can transport two bikes in it, wasn’t sure if my intention was to try and mix the two completely together. I just felt that the ultimate experience would be to enjoy one flavor, then have a natural slightly blended transition layer, and end with the other flavor.

Here’s a diagram of the process:

And the result:

Was it delicious? Yes. Did I take a large step towards diabetes and lactose intolerance? Oh, yes. Does it turn out this 1100 calories indulg-splosion was completely offset by my swimming, biking, and running for 1 hr 18 min?
Conveniently, yes.

Would I do it again? Probably not alone to say the least. I got a small of each, but together it’s plenty for probably up to four people. Maybe I need to learn to share better, though Dan and HB seemed content with just a Rolo McFlurry. I’d also try and blend the two together more. This time around I wanted to experience all three; Rolo alone, Nutter Butter alone, and the mixed layer. But the mixed layer was best, so why not make it happen throughout. 2nd best was the Rolo layer, just for the record.

*Further hindsight suggests I can easily get into a rut of starting my sentences with prepositional phrases.


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  1. Cannon permalink

    Awesome. Thanks!

  2. You can join Jim and I’s quest to combines various fast food sandwiches from various restaurants into one monstrosity. You can be in charge of drinks!

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