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365 Things to do… well, somewhere

April 27, 2011

We all know what Groupon and Living Social are by now… and if you don’t, welcome to the world of once a day deals for (usually) fledgling restaurants, stores, spas, and gyms.  However, while these are two distinct companies, their advertising on Facebook is next to impossible to tell apart if it wasn’t for the url usually being shown.  Even the text in the ads is the same, saying something like “365 things to do in [insert city based on Facebook user data].”

Apparently, in whatever email-gathering cold war that is going on between these two deal-shilling giants, the best and/or only weapon is small images.  And these images have to be weird.  Well, either weird or random girls, often slutty.

Given 5 minutes of clicking refresh on Facebook, this is what I came up with as things I could do in Minneapolis/St Paul:
(note: wordpress formatting is going wacky with this image, words and pics line up for me, so hopefully they do for you too)

Um, kiss a girl?

When did we get palm trees here?


See a house fall over, or just a steeply angled street.


An old fashioned camera.  Um, ok.


Get hair useful as a handle.


Party at an upside down house.  It’s a tourist cliche… and this one is actually in Poland.


Face tattoos


Water ski behind a jet.  This photoshop is pretty old.


We do have a Renaissance fair, so this one actually works.


See a cat?  Sleep like a cat?  Kill a cat?




There’s probably something like this around here somewhere.


Two girls at once…


or three!


I had no idea all this was possible.  Though I am kind of sad I didn’t come across the two ad images that first caught my eye in regards to this repetitive and overlapping ad campaign.  Specifically there was one with a girl in a bikini holding a monkey by the hand as they stand next to a swimming pool and one where a deluge of liquid is pouring down as a girl stretches her bikini top forward, either because of the fabric trapping some water or as a result from an implant bursting.

Maybe I’m just proving the point that advertising works.  I mean, it caught my attention.  Though I’ve only bought two of these deals ever, so who knows.


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