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Alphabet Pizza

February 3, 2011

Everyone should have a side project. Or maybe 100 side projects. Things that you can spend time doing that you felt was constructive afterward. Something other than watching 95% of what’s on TV. Many side projects are somewhat limited in scope. One example would be reading. You do it alone, you can discuss it a bit with friends, and every once and a while something bigger comes out of it. But it’s not inherently worth sharing.

However, the internet has vastly increased the ability for things to be shared. The “sharability” if you will. I’m going to go ahead and copyright that term right here, right now. Use it as you will, but it’ll cost you a nickel. In any case, videos, pictures, and blog posts can be sent to anyone and everyone (and arguably too often are).

Who am I to filter though, it’s up to you to decide what’s worthwhile. In that light, I present one of my side projects:

Alphabet Pizza

One pizza, one letter. The general thought, for me at least, was based on an something Jack White (of the former White Stripes) mentioned in an interview discussing why the band held strictly to the formula of him on guitar and Meg on drums. The gist of it was that the greatest potential that comes from creativity is when you force yourself into a box. Create limits and boundaries and allow your art to discover the best possible result.

So, while I’m no rock star, I do think that there’s a chance I’ll make some really damn good pizza variations. Also, some bad ones.

Here’s some pics from the results so far:

Pizza A

Pizza B

Pizza C

Pizza D

What’s (one of) your side project(s)?


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