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Some car dealerships just lay them out there

January 31, 2011

There’s always some company or brand floating around out there that you just know everyone smirks a bit when they come across it.  Like the sign for the Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater ( I drive past when visiting family in Wisconsin.  Seems like a nice lady and a nice place… still funny.

Well this morning I came across this gem:

A Jeep Laredo… gross.  OK, that’s not really the point.

Let me zoom in a bit for you…

Ah yes, the fabled Dodge of Burnsville logo.  I’ve known it exists but I finally was able to catch a picture of one in the wild (courtesy of a brief pause at a red light).  For full frontal clarification of the logo, here’s the standard version:

If you’re not seeing it by now, I don’t know what to say.  Maybe if I rotated the picture 90° to the side.  Does it help to mention the pentagon at the top is designed like a negative image of an asterisks?  No… no, it probably doesn’t.  Though the Chrysler pentagon does help explain why a Jeep is being sold by a Dodge branded dealer.

At first I thought there might be something that should be said about someone that gives their dealership the same initials as douche-bag.  But it appears the dealership has been around since 1983… well before “douche-bag” became the lingo of choice.  Back then I think the term would have been “Barney” or “Bow-head”, at least according to this site, which may or may not itself be from 1983.

In any case, further research uncovered the fact that the machismo of the Dodge of Burnsville logo might be more of a general reproductive theme of the Dodge brand itself.  Though you can be the judge.



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