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Record snow fall… only one option. SLED!

December 14, 2010

After a record snow fall and the twin dangers of cabin fever and everyone-sucks-at-driving-itis, there is only one clear solution…

Go sledding!

While you can complain about a lot regarding the recent weather in MN, so long as you live in this state, part of you has to enjoy, nay, has to love the massive piles of white snow… everywhere!  And sledding isn’t the only option.  Skiing, snow ball fights, snow angels, igloo making, snow shoeing, ice skating, broom balling… whatever.  It’s just, well, sledding is arguably one of the easiest on the list to do on a whim, and, well, until my tube met it’s untimely demise over Christmas last year, I had big plans.  Big enough to create an interactive map for the Twin Cities.

This year it’s just meant to be, so I felt I should share.


Twin Cities Sledding

Sled your heart out.

Click the image or here for the full on Google maps.


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One Comment
  1. Jukka permalink

    Great map! Sled is also an important transportation vehicle. I often pull my kids to school with one and this is by far their favorite way to travel. I never have trouble getting them out of the door when I tell them that we are going to be using a sled. Alleys work the best, since people don’t shovel those too meticulously and especially don’t use any salt there, which we consider evil.

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