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Forget the radio edit version

August 27, 2010

Having been on the internet this week and having friends who are rather “with it,” I naturally came across a dozen or so links to the new Cee Lo song. Also, I naturally had my speakers up a bit loud in my office the first time I listened to the normal version (2nd video below, NSFW if not kept quiet or with headphones). In any case, considering the dismal radio edits of past, I knew there had to be one for this and came up with the following sure-to-be-deleted-from-YouTube-due-to-copyright-infringement video:

Which has the whole catchy beat and straightforward message of the original:

But the radio edit is missing something… basically the swearing.

I’ve always been a fan of swearing. It’s cathartic and ultimately one of the strangest mutually agreed upon, cultural creations in society. Something about how the word rolls of the tongue. Swear words are just slang and often used so loosely that any defined meaning goes out the window. Yet they’re as useful a part of language as any; building emotion, defining character, and creating contrast.

Ultimately, the radio edit is the squeaky clean prep school kid being angst-y over his ex. No one cares. Some people will buy the album with this version, but only because that’s all that Walmart sells and middle schoolers are easily entertained by cleaned up versions of things they know are naughty. The original, however, is something we all can relate to. Basically, I don’t want to tell the jackass that busted in my car window last week “forget you”.


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  1. Well said, sir. And hilarious. Forget you, too!

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