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Inception vs Sugar Ray

August 9, 2010

Having gone to see Inception a few weeks ago, I had a similar response as most, “Finally, a movie that doesn’t suck this year.”  Also, “Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt crazy busy these days, or just somehow basing the movies he acts in on my haphazard viewing tendancies?”

There was however, something about Inception that was a bit unsettling.  The shifting gravity was cool, and I was fine with the decision to have Ellen Page wear her hair in a bun so she wasn’t obscured in a mass off zero-G fluff (or for the sake of the FX guys being lazy).  And of course the much lauded shifting gravity fighting wowed me… but that’s when it started to feel a bit familiar.

(Spoiler: Don’t push play if you haven’t seen the movie.)

And finally it hit me.  I hereby propose that Christopher Nolan, or whomever instigated the scene, was (is?) an unabashed Sugar Ray fan.  Undeniable proof… here:

Once again, the 90’s have proven their staying power.


And who can really cast the first stone, when the idea is clearly big in Hollywood right now.


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