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Optical illusion… or matrix kitty

July 23, 2010

spinning kitty animation

See the image above?  What’s special about it you say?  Well, which way is the cat spinning?  Clockwise or counterclockwise (when viewed from the top)?

There’s two things that make this awesome.  First, it can, and does, appear to go either of these directions depending on the person.  Second, you can control it.  Decide which way you think it’s spinning and then try to visualize it going the other direction.  It takes a little practice to do it on demand, but I found it helps to focus about 4″ off to one side of the screen or the other.  It seems when the image is more in your peripheral vision you start to notice it spinning one way, then the other and can focus on the one you want (at least for me).

In any case, happy Friday!

You can check out some more here:…/brain-teasers-and-optical-illusions/1400154


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